Membership Information

Networking Professionals Group is a gathering of men and women dedicated to world-class service.

Our members:

  • Meet weekly with the sole purpose of exchanging business referrals.
  • Maintain the utmost in professional standards.
  • Fully engage in the group’s activities.
  • Understand that by committing their time, attentions, effort, and energy to the group each week is nothing short than a real commitment to one’s own business.

As the saying goes,

  “Give it out in slices and it will come back to you in loaves”.

Members know that by focusing their attention every week to giving referrals and bringing guests, and not just showing up to see what one can get, that they are in essence putting themselves in the best possible position to receive the highest amount of referrals. Conflicts of interest are disallowed. The first two meetings are complimentary. You are our guest. However, the sooner you join, the sooner you start building relationships and can enjoy the great benefits that this powerful networking group offers.

Member Benefits

  • NPG membership to Peoria Chamber of Commerce
  • FREE personalized web page through NPG
  • Exclusive sales force of NPG members
Member participation is crucial to the success of the group.

Members will only pass referrals of people whom are expecting a call. No cold calls. Complete a membership application today!


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