Shawn Frye

My name is Shawn Frye.

I was born on Halloween in 1973 in Stanley, North Dakota. I am the oldest of six.

I was active in both football and wrestling throughout high school. I was a state place winner in both sports. Which lead to getting into Mixed Martial Arts later in life. I was a pro cage fighter for five years and now retired.

I have been married to my wife Terri for the best 6 years of my life and counting. I have 2 daughters ages 16 and 15 and 2 foster boys ages 12 and 11 in the process of adopting.

I moved to Arizona in May of 1993 and started my career in air conditioning the 2nd day I was in Phoenix. I worked for a small family owned business specializing in mobile homes all over the state installing air conditioning and swamp coolers. I did that for 4 ½ years and finally reached a point that I had mastered that part of my career.

Wanting to broaden my knowledge about air conditioning, I went to Sonoran Air to get more hands-on knowledge about new construction, custom homes, commercial and retrofit. I continued working for them for about 4 years. I was then armed with the knowledge that I had learned and I decided I wanted to continue moving up the ladder.   I accepted a position with Service Experts managing their install department and continued there until 9/11. Shortly after that the company went through a major cut back. This enabled me to move on to my next adventure working for Air by Dean. I started there running the install department and soon was promoted to Operations Manager.

Due to the recession, that company closed and I am now with my current company Cool Blew. Started with Cool Blew as a Comfort Consultant which entailed designing new comfort systems in residential and commercial applications. I now have been recently been promoted to Install manager. After many years in the field, I am enjoying helping customers with their HVAC needs without physically being in the trenches.

My ultimate goal is to make all my customers comfortable in their own homes with my knowledge of airflow designs and work ethics.